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Civil wedding ceremonies in Hotel Schloss Beuggen

The Rheinfelden civil registrar performs weddings in Hotel Schloss Beuggen every Friday at 12h30. You do not have to live in Rheinfelden to get married in Hotel Schloss Beuggen. The registration at your responsible civil registry office suffices. You are cordially invited to view both wedding chambers in Hotel Schloss Beuggen. We would love to assist in the planning and organization of your civil wedding.

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Wedding chambers in the castle

Bagnato Hall

(max. 80 people)
A beautiful room with an open chimney, 18th century stucco work and historical wooden floor
Rent: Euro 250,00

Knight’s Hall

(max. 120 people)
Attractive location. The wooden roof is reminiscent of a hull.
Rent: Euro 350,00

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Hotel Schloss Beuggen
Schloss Beuggen 1
79618 Rheinfelden
Tel. 0 76 23 – 75 19-0

We would love to indulge you with a culinary treat, 

either with an exquisite aperitif or a wedding menu – suited to your liking.

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Application at the civil registry office

Municipal Administration Rheinfelden
Information Centre
Kirchplatz 2
79618 Rheinfelden
Tel. 0 76 23 – 75 19-0

Civil registrar Ute Steiner (left),
Frank-Michael Littwin
and Ann-Kathrin Brugger
in Bagnato Hall in Beuggen castle