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Lamsb’s lettuce with potatoe-mustard dressing,
bacon chips, chopped egg

Euro 8,00

Linguine on Riesling foam with black forrest bacon
and quail egg

Euro 12,00

Scallops carpaccio on wasabi with candied ginger,
cucumber and pickled radish

Euro 14,00

Veal tatar with chili mayonnaise,
cornichons, shallots and caper fruits

Euro 16,00


Boletus essence with roasted mushorroms, strudel
and vegetable pearls

Euro 11,00

Marinated prawns with chive oil and sea food sauce,
served at the table

Euro 13,00

“The Pleasures of Home”-menu

Pickled herring tartare with pepperweed and sour cream


Bergamot soup with king prawns


Pasta squares filled with game served on sage sauce


Pheasants’ breast coated with bacon
served with Sauerkraut and fried grates potatos

Home made ice cream with exotic fruits

3 course menu: Euro 39,00
4 course menu: Euro 45,00
5 course menü: Euro 56,00

incl. a glass of sparkling wine

We would love to recommend an accompanying wine for each course.


Irish Black Angus saddle of beef with jus,
balsamic shallots and gratinated polenta

Euro 27,00

Breast of goose freshly baked with red cabbage,
potatoe and bread dumplings

Euro 27,00

French duck breast with carrot-ginger purée and rosemary crumble,
Jaipur curry and apple walnut cake

Euro 29,00

Lamb served in two different styles: saddle of lamb cooked sous vide,
shoulder braised in its’ own juice with Mediterranean vegetable, navettes
and artichoke

Euro 36,00

Venison crusted with Tramezini bread with cranberry jus, Brussels sprouts
and elderberry rad cabbage.

Euro 38,00

Euro 00,00


Roastbeef with chip potatoes,
tartar sauce and salad

Euro 17,00

Minced meat with sauce,
glazed carrots and mashed potatoes

Euro 18,50


Mussels in white wine stock with vegetable strips
and french fries

Euro 17,00

Irish salmon fillet gently cooked with young potatoes on fennel and olives,
oven-dried cherry tomatoes and sauce rouille

Euro 26,00

Grilled fillet of sea bass with bean cassolet on tarragon
and Parisian potatoes

Euro 28,00

Vegetarian dish

Vegetable lasagne with Gorgonzola, pears and walnuts

Euro 18,00


Mascarpone with berry ragout and cinnamon

Euro 9,00

Lukewarm quince strudel with homemad quince ice cream

Euro 11,00

French blue cheese cream with pear jelly and cress

Euro 13,00

Dessert selection

Euro 14,00